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Teddy Bear Party
(ages 2 to 9)



Teddy Bear
 (ages 2 to 9)
Young children love the idea of bringing their
teddy bears to a party, and once you have
a room full of bears, your room has
practically decorated itself. 

Invitation ideas
* Attach tiny teddy bears to teddy-bear
shaped invitations.Ask the childrento bring
their favorite teddy
to the party.
(If they don't have
any stuffed animal will do.)



 *The children will wear "teddy bear hats"
during the party (see the first activity suggestion.




Greet the children at the front door with
a stuffed
teddy bear
sitting in a lawn chair
(made of a pair of overalls,shirt,tie,and
boots stuffed with wadded up newspaper,
with the head of of a real teddy bear sticking
out from the shirt's collar.

Round up all the teddy bears you can find.
Tie ribbons around their necks and
helium balloons to their wrists. Set them
around the room---in a rocking chair,peeking
out from behind a chair---or cluster
three together as a table centerpiece.


Amusements and activities

* To make teddy bear hats,provide several colors of
construction paper or light poster board,stickers,
crayons,felt-tip markers,scissors,and glue. If the
children are young, help them cut out crowns or
hats,one for each child and one for the bear the
 child brought to the party.

 * Play "pass the teddy" Divide the children into
two teams.The first person in each line must put
a teddy bear (the bigger the better) under his or
her chin and passit to the next person in
who passes it with his or herchin, and so forth,
until it arrives at the end of the line. If the
teddy is droppedthe team must start over.
The first team to pass the teddy from the front
to the back of the line without dropping it wins.


* Provide a picnic lunch in the back yard or serve
barbecued hot dogs,chili,and red gelatin salad.

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* Serve teddy bear cookies(see my beary good recipes)
page for the teddy bear cupcake recipe.
* decorate the birthday cake with miniature teddy
bears sitting with gifts intheir laps (tiny wrapped
sugar cubes)   Enjoy and have fun!!!!
*from Diane warner's Big Book of Parties




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